Whether you view wildlife as a resource or an elemental responsibility of our very humanity, it is under threat. And nowhere is this threat more evident than across the grasslands and forests of Africa where iconic species such as Elephant and Rhino are under threat.

This threat is intensifying as African development stutters, populations grow and Asian demand increases. The result of these factors and modern communications is a new type of organized crime that connects this demand to communities surrounding parks and reserves.

Attention is needed at the market end of this chain and in the middle sections of transit. The new UAV technologies however presents a very real and immediate opportunity to tackle this problem at the source. Bathawk Recon is a practical focused tool to do just that.

A Tanzanian Solution

The Bathawk Recon (BHR) business model proposes a private sector Unmanned Arial Vehicle (UAV) based anti-poaching service. This is an idea conceived on the plains of the Serengeti and based in Arusha. It brings the highest level of international expertise and technology to bear on the anti-poaching question and will do so in a manner cheaper and more effectively than the public sector.

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