• A Pod: The basic operational unit proposed by Bathawk Recon is called a “Pod”. A pod is a combination of hardware, software and human resources. It can be deployed to the bush to remote locations and operate independently. It is linked to the required authorities and to Rangers by secure communication links.
  • Terminology: For the purposes of this site, a “sortie” is the flight of a single UAV with an assigned task. A “mission” is a set of sorties which could be concurrent, consecutive or even separated by significant space, but which have a single tactical goal set by the protection authority. An “operation” is the combination of the Sortie, flown to carry out a particular mission, communicating with protection authorities and liaising with rangers on the ground.
  • Hardware: Each Pod is planned to have one Super Bat DA-50 fixed wing UAV equipped movable ground station, antennae, communication equipment, support vehicle spare aircraft held off site. It would also have trailer or tents for office, mess and accommodation.
  • Compliment: The person in charge, the Analysis and Liaison Officer (ALO) will be an experienced contractor. There will be five Pilot & Communications Officers (PCO), possibly a technical officer and three drivers who will also act as security. Some support people will also be on hand to organize the camp.