Bathawk Recon Limited is a Tanzania registered limited liability company set up to deliver UAV based anti-poaching services to Tanzanian Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations. Our business plan is conceived, structured and financed with no other goal.

Bathawk Recon will bring the leading edge of surveillance technology to address the supply side of the poaching equation. This intervention is intended to be definitive. Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAVs) have the capacity to reveal anyplace a poacher might hide. A focused, professional undertaking can bring the resources to bear, where and when needed.

Private enterprise can deploy such a model to scale in a viable, energetic manner.  NGO’s and government are the custodians of wildlife, but the private sector can deliver a new order of service and efficiency.

Why BHR?

BHR is not proposing any kind of reorientation toward the private sector management of wildlife resources. The BHR concept addresses a particular problem at a particular time. The private sector however, in BHR’s estimation, will bring an accountability and immediacy to the response that will be difficult for government or NGO’s. This focus and directness is exactly the required response to the present crisis.

Addressing the poaching crises is a necessity on many levels. This problem is promoting the creation of organized crime syndicates across Africa, dragging villagers and authorities alike into compromising positions. Short term financial benefit for a few individuals can never counter balance opening society to such cynical self-destructive influences. Even terrorists are attracted to the vacuum thus created. A solution is required.

Tanzania has been the subject of some degree of international controversy with regard to the inroads of poachers. This complicates matters by requiring decision making to take into account the complexity of international perspectives. Adding the BHR concept to Tanzania’s anti-poaching arsenal would to some extent, redress the negative aspects of these international perspectives.

Bathawk’s plan is new, and innovation can be difficult. The advantages however are significant and create a better solution all around than existing approaches. Not only does this concept deploy high end technology  directly to the pointy end of the issue, it reduces risk to political decision makers by harnessing the private sector’s characteristic accountability while concurrently releasing the fund raising and self-financing possibilities that could eventually pay the whole bill.  And it’s a Tanzanian idea – born and bred.

Meet the Bathawk Team

Tony Sugden - Director

Tony Sugden is a Kenyan and longtime Tanzanian resident. He is a security professional and brings advice based on his military and civilian experience to the BHR board. He is also a Director at Warrior Security and Warrior Security International, shareholders in BHR.

  • 1996 – 1999: Squadron Commander – 653 Squadron Army Air Corps;
  • 1999 – 2006: Country Manager – TZ Group Director of Operations, KK Security;
  • 2006 – Present Chief Executive – Warrior Security Limited

Tom Lithgow - Director

Tom Lithgow is a third generation Tanzanian with great experience of the bush and business conditions. He’s also a well-known entrepreneur in the Tourism Sector. Tom’s the Founding Director and Chairman of BHR as well as a determined advocate of UAV anti-poaching.

Commercial and Business Activities

  • 1981 worked at Chibembe safari Lodge, Luangwa valley National Park, Zambia as walking safari guide
  • 1987 Freelance guiding in Kenya and Tanzania
  • 1989 Founded Firelight Safaris Ltd
  • 2004 Expanded in properties, Serengeti camp, Katavi camp and luxury lodge on Lupita Island, Lake Tanganyika.
  • 2013 Founded and registered Bathawk Recon Ltd and an NGO, Elephant Survival Organization

Mike Chambers - Director

Michael Chambers is a Canadian living in Tanzania since 1996. He is Bathawk Recon’s Director for Strategy and Communications as such he is managing BHR’s start up and has been seconded from the local NGO Elephant Survival Organization. Once operations start, he will continue to bring Bathawk’s message to the larger audience.

Commercial and Business Activities

  • 1975 Founded and managed construction contracting in Montreal Canada
  • 1984 Founded and managed commercial index publisher in Kinshasa DRC Congo
  • 1986 Independent Coffee buyer in Bas Zaire and Equateur DRC
  • 199I Kinshasa contracted to USAID, DOD and DIA during the emergency evacuation.
  • 1996 Negotiated shareholder position to recover 1500ha Farm in Arusha
  • 1998 Negotiated farm out of receivership Arusha
  • 1999 Founded Gomba Estates Exports, the largest vegetable exporter in Tanzania
  • 2002 Developed first European Standard compliant Good Agriculture Practice in Tanzania.