Bathawk Recon has tested the DT-26 in the Selous Game reserve the largest and most challenging protected area in Tanzania. Supported by Mantra Tanzania and the Mantra Anti-Poaching Team the trials move the Bathawk Recon Anti-poaching concept one step closer to deployment.

UAV trials have been taking place in the Selous Game reserve at Mantra Tanzania’s Makuyu River Camp. These trials which have been testing Delair Tech’s DT-26 to match its capabilities with Bathawk Recons UAV anti-poaching surveillance concept. One of the great challenges of UAV surveillance for anti-poaching is developing a solution that can be deployed on the scale of the problem. The Selous provides the kind of challenging landscape that needs to be surveyed.

The trials are active evidence that Tanzania Private Sector Anti-Poaching Initiative is gaining momentum. Observers’ attended from the Civil Aviation authority the National Parks authority and the armed forces. Bathah/PSAPIs concept which proposes newly developed commercial fixed wing UAVs with Video and Infrared capabilities to cover large areas of ground.

The DT-26 is only one of the aircrafts to be tested, others will follow to determine a technical capability that can be deployed in the varying conditions of Tanzania’s parks to combat poaching. The Selous is perhaps the most difficult of all having a high percentage of forest cover and very rough terrain. If it can work here it can work anywhere!


The Observer XL drone package is our most flexible surveillance platform for long range, day or night surveillance.

The Observer XL drone package was created specifically for long distance surveillance and observation missions. The Observer XL is equipped with a military-grade gyrostabilized, gimbaled surveillance turret with embedded IR and EO (10x optical zoom) sensors.

All Delair-Tech drone packages are turnkey solutions which include Goldilocks flight control software, Pix4Dmapper image processing software (when applicable), and 5 days of training.



  • DT26X Ultra long range, industrial-grade drone.
  • DT-EYE XL SENSOR: Gyrostabilized EO + IR video sensor.
  • MAMA BEAR GCS: Motorized tracking antenna, C2 (15km) and data link (15km).
  • SOLAPP FLIGHT SOFTWARE: Full-featured flight control software designed by Delair-Tech.
  • 3G CONNECTIVITY: Use existing or purpose-built worldwide 3G and C2 connections, effectively giving “unlimited” telecom range. 100Mb/month for 2 years = 70 hrs of C2/mo.
  • SATCOM: Use military-grade satellite communication to send and receive command and control (C2) data from your DT-26.

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