Bathawk Recon (BHR) is a service to mount Anti-Poaching Surveillance operations. This Service consists of a UAV or UAVs and an operational concept to deploy it effectively. As the UAVs are being brought into Anti-Poaching operations, a variety of operational concepts are being vetted. Bathawk Recon calls its plan the Big Ground Concept as it proposes a solution using UAVs with a greater range endurance and surveillance capability. The Big Ground Concept is a proposal set in contrast to the Direct Ranger Support model.

Direct Ranger Support puts smaller lighter UAVs in the hands of ranger patrols who use them to extend and make efficient their surveillance and detection capability.

The Big Ground Concept has an independent UAV capability deployable across a half dozen or more ranger patrol area and directed by intelligence based planning to the highest risk area. Once suspicious activity is found, rangers are contacted and guided to the location.

So in Direct Ranger Support, UAVs are used to support Ranger detection capability. In the Big Ground Concept, rangers are used to support the Aircrafts detection capability.

In Bathawk’s plan a standard operation – a sortie – would consist of the following. Direct and indirect Intelligence yielding information; The Information developed into a plan for a sortie; The sortie being carried out; Suspicious parties being identified; Suspicious parties surveyed; Suspicious activity reported to authority; Tactical response discussed: Tactical response authorized; ALO links with rangers; PCO maintains surveillance; Operation is carried out with real time surveillance provided by BHR.

BHR operations are described in detail in the following links: