BHR, and its sister organization ESO, have partnered with the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation in a new concept named.


This initiative seeks to accelerate the work on poaching by promoting Private Sector solutions. BHR is the inaugural project and one might say the pilot.  All three BHR directors attended the August 19th initial meeting. Tom Lithgow made the BHR presentation and all participated in a discussion of the UAV based anti-Poaching model. The participants were from Government, NGO, business associations and Diplomatic Missions.


The TPSF is an apex business association whose members include associations from across the economic spectrum from Banking to mining and manufacturing. It has a  strong advocacy platform and is a principal national conduit between the public and private sectors. Its structure includes managing relaven processes and projects.

Vision Statement

“An effective apex private sector organization, providing a focal point for the articulation of private sector led approaches to Tanzania’s economic and social development”.

Mission Statement

“To be the leading voice for the promotion of vibrant, innovative and a competitive private sector in Tanzania”.

Core Values

The following traits or qualities represent TPSF’s highest priorities and deeply-held driving forces. They guide every decision that TPSF make and impact every aspect of the Foundation. They are the core values that set TPSF apart from other private sector organisations in Tanzania. These are:

  1. Commitment to best practice
  2. Value addition
  3. Unity in diversity
  4. Impeccable integrity
  5. Fair competition
  6. Service before self
  7. Commitment to lifelong learning


Strategic Objectives

In order to attain and meet the expectations and prospects of its members and stakeholders, TPSF has developed six strategic objectives that guide is business activities. These are:

  1. To improve organisational and institutional capacity of TPSF and its members
  2. To facilitate communication, networking and flow of business information among member
  3. To raise the profile and image of TPSF
  4. To maximise the impact and voice of the Private Sector to lobby and advocate for issues pertinent to the Sector’s growth
  5. To facilitate the growth of private sector business through enhancing enterprise competitiveness
  6. To leverage the financial resources for sustainability of TPSF.