Proof of Concept Operation in Katavi

As noted the operational concept – CONOPS – will be launched at the Proof of Concept exercise which will be a six month plan to be held in Katavi National Park. On the next page are sketches of the park. The notes below relate to how the operational elements above relate to an actual topography.


  • The coverage map shows that with a 30km range the parks should be well covered with three launch points.
  • There is an agreeable amount of overlap and a potential to pursue some distance out of the park if need be.
  • There is little high ground in the park of the kind that would hinder operations or limit coverage.


  • Katavi maps show two stips however they may not be well situated for maximum coverage.
  • It is also thought that the airstrips on the outside of the park, not being under the jurisdiction of TANAPA under law should not be chosen.
  • With the above being the case it is proposed to clear a three appropriately located strips with TANAPAs agreement, drone strip are more the size of parking lots rather than “runways”.


  • A suitable base camp will be established with a view to best accessing each of the three take off landing sites by road.
  • Facilities are available outside the park in reasonable proximity for supplies.
  • Key in defining the operational approach will be Katavi’s communication assets.

Ranger Distribution

  • There are a limited number of ranger posts in Katavi and the appropriateness of their location for the support of UAV aerial surveillance has tet to be determined. These are evenly distributed and well placed to react to any call to interdict in any area BHR may propose.
  • The posts are equipped for the job in principal (vehicle comms etc) though in actuality some support may be needed.

Area of Interest

  • The map shows the points on ingress and exit by road and the nearest communities
  • It also shows the many wildlife security and law enforcement elements that may be drawn upon for support and / or intelligence
  • A full appreciation of the areas surrounding the park need to be made to understand it fully