Bathawk Recon is a limited liability company set up to deal with a single aspect of a complex problem: to bring focus and intensity to that aspect. Stopping poaching in its entirety requires international initiatives, other types of law enforcement and community work. Bathawk Recon is working together with a Non-Profit organization, “Elephant Survival Organization” which will seek support for protection authorities, advocate for local communities, raise funds and to promote the model. ESO will connect BHR’s operational capability to the wider global conservation community.

ESO will utilize communications and the content that BHR will produce to develop the resources needed to accelerate the war on poaching. This should significantly lower the cost to Government and increase the areas to be protected.

While BHR focuses on the anti-poaching task ESO participates in the local, national and global debate and works to attract support for UAV Anti-Poaching activities. ESO provides a different – non-operational – perspective to the anti-poaching surveillance capability. The ability to materially support protection authorities who will require the service.

See the ESO website if this side of the anti-poaching equation interests you.

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